6 reasons NOT to use mobile marketing within a business…

People are switched on to Mobile Marketing. It isn’t a new invention by any stretch of the imagination and has been popular for the best part of a decade as a tool to communicate with consumers, but it is only now becoming widely used due to its proven and measurable Return on Investment.

The mobile phone is without exception the single most popular item of the past decade, outselling TV’s, Radios, PC’s and even Toothbrushes! So what’s stopping more businesses from getting involved and reaping the benefits?

Below are six of the most common reasons why business shy away from Mobile Marketing and shouldn’t…

Spam – by definition is unwanted and unsolicited communication, but by filtering out your target demographic and using double opt in data or creating 100% Opt-In lists using our Short Code services you will create a ‘Fan Base’ of loyal customers who want to hear about your products & services and welcome the opportunity to be the first to know about offers, events and promotions. Short Codes are the SMS version of Facebook’s infamous ‘Like’ button and creates fantastic consumer interaction.

To expensive – based on what? Traditional forms of marketing such as flyers & posters are not only costly, but bad for the environment and in turn bad for the reputation of your company.

Emails end up either in the junk file or are deleted without being opened; both of these forms of communication receive poor response rates of around 3%; yet a Mobile campaign receives an average of 30% response rates and is cheaper than a paper version, better for the environment and on a par with the cost of sending bulk email.

It’s not for us – this one’s a belter! I will guarantee that no matter what business, association and institution you work within SMS would play a useful role, whether it’s as a marketing tool to increase footfall or online traffic, a communications tool to reduce overheads such as stamps, or even to assist people with disability to communicate!

I don’t like being sold to by text – do you know what, neither do I! But we are just 2 out of 7 billion people on the planet and shouldn’t let that get in the way of our businesses success. It was only 10 years ago that email was starting to be used by businesses to send marketing messages; this is just an evolutionary step in communication.

It’s not on our list of priorities – but you are still sending out emails that we have already established don’t get read and you are sending direct mail which is costly and ineffective – how can this not be a priority?

We are focusing on Social Media to help modernise our brand – Social Media has its place, but even this is already becoming dated. It is useful for advertising Short Codes though and assisting in creating the all-important Opt-In lists.


I am not saying that communicating by mobile should be your only form of interacting with your customers, but the facts are the mobile phone is one single item that we have on our person almost 100% of the time and should be a major factor within your 7 touch points to engage with your customers.

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