Seven touch points in successful marketing…

On average we need to come into contact with a brand seven times before we become aware of it. Take Coca Cola for example – we all recognise there logo, they have their own branded coolers in shops, we even associate the start of Christmas with their TV ads and when I walked across town earlier this week, I came in to contact with Coca Cola 37 times! It is this subconscious brand awareness that in crucial to the growth of your business.

Brand awareness for businesses of any size is crucial… even Coca Cola started from the humble beginnings in John Pemberton’s backyard in Georgia, USA!

The best way to get your message across is to use different forms of media – the fact is that most people don’t buy the first time they hear your message. Some do, but most don’t. Most sales are made after the fifth or sixth time … it depends on the individual telling the story, but everyone knowledgeable about the sales processes will agree the number is higher than most people think.

You probably already have some touch points in place – a sales team, website, printed literature – and these are good starting points, but it’s less than 50% of what is required and are you sure that they are all optimised to be making you money and not just costing you money?

Your current customers come to you because you are specialists in your field of expertise, have an excellent product, offer an excellent service and all at a reasonable price – it’s not rocket science and that is why our customers come to us. But in order to attract more customers in a shorter space of time, you need to review your current marketing strategy and utilise all the tools at your disposal.

Review your website – its sounds like an obvious thing to say, but so many businesses don’t have time to update it to remain organically competitive for online searches and with over 50% of local searches done on a mobile device and 88% of these searches converting into a sale within 24 hours, a mobile optimised version of your website should be at the top of your to do list.

Optimise your online shop window – as well as being aesthetically pleasing to entice customers to stay on your website longer, thus increasing the chances of a sale – it is equally important to ensure the wording and layout of your website is correct to make sure that the customer gets there in the first place. First impressions count and if you were stood outside 2 shops providing identical services and one was badly laid out, dull and chaotic; whilst the other was shiny, well organised and efficient – which one would you go to?

Mobile Marketing & Communication (Marcoms) – interacting with customers via SMS is the lowest common denominator and this isn’t a negative thing, it’s just the opposite! SMS can be received on 96% of mobile phones (I personally think that’s a conservative figure) and with 97.5% of texts being read within 5 sec, it is obvious why these types of campaigns receive an average of 15x greater response rates to traditional forms of advertising. If you then couple this with DigiMedia360’s unique MODA system, then printed flyers become obsolete and your ROI and profits soar!

email – whilst SMS provides higher response rates, there is no hiding away from the fact that email removes all barriers and allows your business to become an international 24/7 operation. I can’t stress enough though that whilst the format must be right and the content relevant, it is important to keep it relatively brief. In today’s fast moving digital society, we do not have time to read things thoroughly and instead just scan information pulling out salient points as we go.

Augmented Reality – this technology is now becoming prevalent within many high street retailers allowing you to see how clothes, hats, sofas, etc. would look without physically having the item to hand or even being in the store. It merges an image of the product onto the screen shot of the person, room or venue displayed upon your mobile device. This increases the chances of your customers being 100% happy with their purchase not just first time, but every time.

Proximity Marketing – another tried and tested method of driving additional footfall to your premises whilst people are in your vicinity, giving you the opportunity to wow them and create another new customer. By using the same Bluetooth technology used to connect your mobile to your hands-free device for driving, you can place a message on a consumer’s phone whilst they are passing and steer them away from your local competitors.

Targeted Data – by purchasing high quality data of consumers that fall in to your target demographic audience, you can literally increase your turnover in minutes! Using double opt in data you can specify 1000’s of different criteria ranging from: age, sex, location, income, hobbies, health… the list is infinite. By creating a highly defined list, you can be sure that the people you contact are not only interested in your services, but in the financial position to transact with you.

There are obviously lots of other areas such as PPC, SEO, SMO and my favourite which is Word of Mouth – but the word of mouth can only be started with lots of customers talking about how good you are and hopefully the above will help generate lots of activity to get people talking!

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