The Big Benefits of Bulk SMS

More and more businesses nowadays are reaching out to SMS Marketing, mainly due to the fact that it’s easy, highly convertible and allows you to communicate to the masses effectively.

There is a whole multitude of benefits to implementing SMS into your marketing strategy.

  • SMS Marketing ensures instant deliverability to your customers. As previously mentioned, one of the biggest benefits of text message marketing is the fact that you can instantly deliver your message directly into your subscriber’s hand! Your message can be delivered to the recipient’s phone and read within seconds.
  • SMS Marketing offers flexibility. SMS Marketing allows you to send a bundle of messages to a specific, targeted group of people or thousands of messages to your entire database. Send out a promotional message, confirmation or industry update; whatever your business’s requirements, SMS marketing is the perfect way to communicate with your recipient’s effectively.
  • SMS Marketing ensures a high open rate. 97.5% of text messages are read within 5 seconds, meaning that you’re almost guaranteed a recipient will read about what your business has got to offer within just a few seconds after you send out your message. That’s a pretty quick method of marketing, right?
  • SMS Marketing is reliable. You can be sure that your campaign has been effectively delivered straight to your recipients. It doesn’t need to fight against spam or email filters; your messages get delivered straight away!
  • SMS Marketing gets straight to the point. The 160-character length of an SMS allows for a campaign that is clean, concise and straight to the point. Alas, your recipients no longer have to trawl through paragraphs of content – they can understand your brand and your message within seconds.
  • SMS Marketing shows you’re up to date. Although email campaigns are also very popular, reaching out to your clients via SMS shows that you’re keeping up with technology.
  • SMS Marketing allows you to reach out to anyone, anywhere. Globally, there are over 6 billion active mobile contracts. With mobile phone technology continuously evolving, you can be sure that most of your target audience will have a mobile phone and will have access to it all the time, especially if you’re aiming for a younger target audience who are usually glued to their phones!

Thanks to these incredible benefits, Bulk SMS has quickly become the most popular form of business communication since the introduction of the FAX machine.

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