Market your business for less with Bulk Email

Although email has now become a vital tool for communicating with businesses and consumers alike, email marketing is unfortunately widely overlooked, meaning that businesses are missing out on the incredible benefits of this fantastic service.

Email marketing has many benefits over traditional offline methods and is becoming increasingly popular for even small companies who are reaching a specific target market. We’ve listed a few reasons why this popular method of marketing is so beneficial in the 21st century.

  • Market more, for less. Traditional offline marketing methods such as newspaper and TV ads, billboards and flyers can be exceptionally expensive; it’s no secret that production and print costs can cost a significant amount of money. What’s more, creating an advert can be very laborious and time-consuming, especially when there’s a lot of to-ing and fro-ing during the design or planning stage. Email marketing on the other hand requires a fraction of the cost and of the resources needed to put together a traditional offline marketing campaign. You can also reach out to more people, even globally, easily and affordably less than if you were to reach them via digital campaigns such as TV.
  • Reach out to your recipient’s instantly. Using email as a tool for communication allows you to contact the recipient within seconds. From the moment you hit ‘send,’ you can be sure that your important email campaign will be waiting in the recipient’s inbox.
  • Get visual. Email campaigns don’t have to be about text and linking to a particular website. You can create dynamic visual content to draw the potential customer in; create a campaign that integrates images and incorporates a unique design that is guaranteed to catch the eye. Demonstrate your services in the best way you possibly can.
  • Let your recipient’s share your content. Another great benefit of email marketing is that it allows the recipient to forward your email onto other contacts. They may want to share your product/service/offer/news with their friends, family or other businesses, giving you a whole new marketing opportunity.
  • Build relationships. Sending out frequent email campaigns is a great and inexpensive way to build relationships with consumers and businesses. What’s more, if you are sending out frequent offers then you are likely to generate a large amount of interest in your special offers.
  • Generate feedback. Email marketing allows your consumers to contact you quickly and efficiently, using minimal effort to deliver feedback that you can use to improve your marketing campaign.
  • Track your campaign’s activity and success. Another great feature of email marketing is that you can track how many people opened your campaign and how many were acted upon. You can use these results to improve the design/content for future campaigns.

Allow your business to benefit from DigiMedia360’s bulk email service and reach out to a whole multitude of consumers through minimal effort. Simply get in touch for more information.

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