Capture your audience through data analysis

Let’s say you have a fantastic marketing campaign. It’s faultless in fact; it incorporates call to actions, dynamic visual content, integrates social media tools, gets straight to the point and defines everything a successful marketing campaign should be.

But what happens when you’re sending out your campaign to the wrong people or – even worse – you’ve got no one to send them to? You need to be sure that your campaign, which you’ve spent precious time and money over, is going to be sent out to a specific target market that’s going to be interested in what you’ve got to offer…

Trusted data providers

If you have a limited or completely non-existent database then don’t worry; you can capture your audience through data analysis.

DigiMedia360 can provide targeted, accurate data lists to help you achieve your marketing goals and objectives. We provide anything from names and postal addresses to emails and telephone numbers, giving you a whole range of marketing opportunities to take advantage of.

As trusted providers of premium quality databases for the UK and beyond, we are able to give you complete access to target consumer and targeted business databases for virtually any sector. We can also source a set of very specific contacts that you may require.

Source customers and customise

With DigiMedia’s data provider service, you can create a customised list for your target audience from various filters including age, income, gender etc.

Target your campaign towards a specific age group or post your campaign to a selective amount of people who earn a specific income. The more you tailor your campaigns to suit your data, the more likely you are to earn interest and increase your profile.

Data provider Chester and North Wales

If you’re interested in our data provider service then please feel free to get in touch. After we’ve discussed your objective, target audience, timescales and budgets, we’ll advise you on the best decision going forward in order to achieve your business’ goals.

We also offer bulk SMS and bulk email services, designed to engage your audience affordably and effectively.

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