Are you a restaurant owner? Don’t miss out on repeat business

It’s no secret that the food industry is one of the most competitive markets to be in, making it significantly hard for restaurants, pubs and café owners – especially start-ups – to capture consumers and make a real impact within the industry.

Even if restaurant owners manage to collate a large amount of data, the way in which they choose to engage their audience is questionable. So how can these businesses demonstrate their services and how can they reach the right target audience? Better yet, how can they do all of this without breaking the bank?

Filtered data & effective campaigns

Believe it or not, the food industry has been one of the most successful sectors to benefit from mobile marketing by increasing the footfall of repeat business.

Mobile marketing is an extremely effective way of building brand awareness and engaging customers. Nearly one in three adults in the UK uses a smartphone – so why not take advantage of this fact and create a mobile campaign, which includes branded texts and a particular service, special offer or discount that you want to shout about? Your important personalised message can be sent straight to the recipient’s hand within seconds, meaning there’s no need for print costs or costly TV campaigns.

What’s more, DigiMedia360 can also provide you with the direct contact details of local consumers that match your client demographic, meaning your mobile campaign can be sent to those that you’re specifically targeting.

We can provide a complete list of names, addresses, mobile numbers and even email addresses, offering you the opportunity to contact thousands of targeted people at the touch of a button… It really couldn’t be easier!

Why not maximise your investment even further?

Once you’ve acquired your data you may want to consider investing in a bulk email campaign. Email marketing has many benefits; not only can you reach out to your recipient’s instantly, you can build relationships, generate feedback and track the success of your campaign.

For more information on our bulk SMS, bulk email or data provider services please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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