Why is text message marketing becoming increasingly popular?

Did you know that 87% of the world’s population has a mobile phone subscription and that one third of the world’s population is online? Well, it’s no big secret that mobile phones have become a modern day ‘essential,’ thanks to the evolution of smartphones and the endless resources and opportunities they bring to the modern day user.

More and more wise business professionals are taking on these statistics and are reaching out to bulk SMS, as a means of fast, reliable marketing. Not only is text message marketing highly convertible and straight to the point, it ensures instant deliverability, straight to the recipient’s hand.

Although we’ve already identified the benefits of bulk SMS as a way of acquiring business, it’s important to understand that the constant introduction of new and improved smartphones on the market will only mean that text message marketing will continue to evolve with it.

Truth is, very few text messages get ignored or deleted before they are even read. Text message marketing has a very high open rate, so you can almost always be sure that the recipient has read your message. What’s more, you can alter your contact list over time, meaning you can make your marketing even more targeted to those who you think may be the most interested.

Mobile marketing is also popular for those who want to budget their marketing strategy; you can avoid costly advertisements and print costs by opting for bulk SMS instead. Although TV advertisements are incredibly sought-after, once you’ve paid for airtime and covered the cost of putting the actual campaign together, you might not even receive a substantial ROI.

What type of message should I be sending?

The great thing about SMS marketing is the fact that you only have 160 characters to send to the recipient, meaning that your campaign has to be precise and straight to the point. It’s perfect for sending out special offers or discounts, updates to particular services or products or industry news.

Text message marketing is ideal for restaurant, café or pub owners who are looking to make their mark locally. Send out a weekly message to your consumers to build brand awareness and promote offers.

If you’d like to send out images to promote a particular products or service then consider MODA, which allows you to bring your campaigns to life through high quality pictures and video content as well as text.

For more information or advice about digital business solutions such as bulk SMS or bulk email, please feel free to contact us.

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