The evolution and growing importance of mobile technology for business

Gone are the days when mobile was solely used as a method of contacting people via text messaging or through voice calls. Gone too, are the times when cellular services were so limited, that only a small number of radio frequencies were available. Who would have ever thought that the first ever cellular device, a bulky black handset weighing in at 2.2 pounds, would spark a technology revolution, transforming the mobile into an everyday necessity, a business’s marketing backbone and a portal into communicating with absolutely anyone in the world through super-fast internet and innovative web applications?

What ‘mobile’ really means nowadays

As mobile technology continues to evolve, mobile devices have become more than just a personal means of communication. Now, mobiles are used to market a business, connect with people from the side of the world via various social media and networking platforms, and browse the Internet within seconds. With 87% of the world’s population signed up to a mobile phone contract, it’s considered unordinary for someone to go about their everyday life without a mobile device at hand.

From innovative apps and impressive software to megapixel cameras and access to 4G, it’s safe to say that the future of mobile technology rests on services, not devices.

Why mobile marketing is good for business

More and more businesses are jumping onto the mobile marketing bandwagon, as a means of reaching out to their consumers; businesses understand that their mobile-dependent consumers will always read their SMS marketing or proximity marketing campaign, as they will always have access to their phone. Alongside high open rates, comes the benefit of instant deliverability, as your mobile campaign will be delivered straight to the recipient’s hand.

A business’s’ mobile marketing campaign can also be brought to life through MODA, allowing businesses to send out limitless amounts of texts and high quality media to targeted consumers.

The use of QR codes are also brilliant and have a multitude of uses; consumers can scan or download the QR code which may link to your business’s webpage, advert or TV/video clip.

More technological improvements for businesses

It’s true when they say that mobile really is everywhere – digital communication’s company EE, Everything Everywhere, certainly thinks so too, because now small businesses will be able to make payments from their card via a mini card reader which can be plugged into their mobile device. EE has partnered with iZettle, who sells mPayment readers, allowing people to turning their iPhone, iPad or Android device into a payment terminal.

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