Why your business can benefit from QR codes

Whether you already have a brilliant marketing strategy in place or not, if you haven’t considered implementing the use of QR codes in your business then you could be missing out on the chance to reach out to your customers effectively, encourage brand loyalty and increase revenue. QR codes, without doubt, bring an additional dimension to your marketing that you didn’t even know existed.

There’s no doubt that it’s all about quick responses nowadays; responding to customers quickly and efficiently enables you to acquire their trust and their favour, something which you need to be able to build your brand. What’s more, quick customer responses to your advertisements and promotions can be a really convenient way of developing your business – the easy way! We look at the top benefits of using QR codes in your business.

What are QR codes?

Quick Response codes, or QR codes for short, are two-dimensional barcodes that are embedded with information; this could include anything from a link to a website, TV adverts, video, images, a link to a Facebook fan page or Twitter page and more. The list is endless!

These clever little barcodes have a multitude of uses and can be viewed by downloading an App (of which there are lots of free ones) – all the customer needs to do is scan the QR Code to view its contents from their very own mobile device.

QR codes can also used to promote special offers and discounts, as well as freebies and new stock/services promotions.

What are the benefits?

There are so many benefits to using QR codes in your business; the main one being that QR codes simplify consumer experience. Potential customers can “scan” for information, as opposed to typing and searching for information.

QR codes also:

  • Reduce advertising costs. When using QR code, you don’t need to worry about printing costs, as there’s no need to produce flyers or brochures since your information is being sent straight to a mobile device. QR codes are also are extremely affordable to create!
  • Store a lot of data. Whether you would be the barcode to direct the consumer to a tiny website or a huge media link, the possibilities are endless!
  • Ensures easy usability. Not only are most QR readers/scanners completely free to download, they’re also extremely easy to download; most mobile devices already comes with a scanner installed.
  • Build excitement. It’s a lot more exciting to view what’s lurking behind a code as opposed to viewing the information straight away. As soon as consumers scan the code, their curiosity can be satisfied.
  • Ensures quick response! Of course, QR codes ensure a quick response; your customers can gain access to the information they want in a matter of seconds.

Where do we come in?

With DigiMedia360’s specialist QR code services, it can even automatically populate a text message to be sent into your short code number allowing you to contact the potential client’s details prior to them viewing what’s behind the QR Code.

Contact us today for more information.

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