Who can benefit from SMS marketing?

Although we’ve previously identified the limitless benefits of SMS marketing, there are so many different types of individuals and organisations who can benefit from this popular service. Question is, who can benefit the most from bulk SMS?


Without doubt, businesses of any size can benefit from text message marketing, as they need to be able to communicate with people. In the end, communication is key, and SMS marketing is a great way of having a personal connection with prospective or current clients. There are numerous national brands who reach out to text message marketing as a means of connecting with their consumers such as Coca Cola. Local businesses can also benefit, as SMS marketing can help to create a stronger bond with local clients; this also means that people will hear about your services and offers locally through word of mouth.

Non-profit organisations

Schools and non-profit organisations can also benefit from SMS marketing; use bulk SMS to send out texts to staff, students or parents about upcoming events, important notices or reminders. This way, all three groups can receive information quickly and electronically, meaning there’s no need to print memos or send out letters which, making the whole process completely environmentally friendly!

Text message marketing is also brilliant for schools and non-profit organisation because people can opt-in/out of messages easily. Text messages are also incredibly easy to form and can be sent straight to the recipient’s hand, meaning you can be sure that they have read that important memo.

Artists and performers

If you are a singer, part of a band or some form or performer than you can have you audience opt-in to your bulk SMS list. You can then keep your fans updated via SMS with notifications announcing upcoming gigs, appearances, tour dates and album releases. You could also use your text list to remind your audience about a gig they plan to attend, before sending out another message, thanking them for turning up to your show.

Public speakers and private consultants

The more people you interact with during a public presentation, the bigger the chance you have of growing your text list. Start up a bulk SMS plan to contact your ever-growing audience and build the connections you have already acquired through text.

Event Coordinators

Whether you’re a party planner, wedding coordinator or conference manager, using an SMS message communication system can be of great use. Update your attendants with a message about tomorrow’s events or possibly an event you are looking to arrange next year.

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