SMS Marketing: done the right way

There’s no doubt that bulk SMS is an extremely attractive medium for businesses of all sizes, especially as it offers instant deliverability and high open rates. However, it’s extremely important that you get it right so that you can achieve great things. But how exactly is this achievable? DigiMedia360 discusses the key to a good bulk SMS campaign.

Make sure your campaign is relevant and timely

Although it may seem obvious, making sure that your mobile campaign is relevant to your target audience is crucial and that it includes a subject they are likely to be interested in.

Timing is also essential; is it the right time of year to be marketing this service/product? Are you likely to gain more interest from your audience during the weekend or during the week? Do a little market research to figure out when’s best to send out your relevant mobile marketing campaign.

Make sure the tone is correct, not just the content

Whilst you need to decide upon the content for your campaign, it’s also important that you get the overall tone of the message correct so that it’s relevant to your target audience.

Make your campaign attractive

By attractive, we don’t mean make it look pretty; the message needs to really draw the consumer in, which is why text message marketing is ideal for businesses who want to promote offers or special discounts.

On the other hand, you can actually make your campaign attractive and bring it to life by adding an additional dimension to your marketing through MODA, exclusive to DigiMedia360.

Include a call to action

Any effective marketing campaign will include a call to action. Without this, you cannot tell people what you want them to do.

Direct them to your website, your mailing list or a social media page so that they can continue learning about the product or services you’re promoting.

Build relationships with customers

SMS is undoubtedly the ideal platform for conversing with customers. They can reply with ease and through the touch of a button, which makes it an effective way to manage competitions that you may be looking to promote.

Make sure people can easily unsubscribe

As commercial SMS messages are covered by the Spam Act 2003, messages are subject to providing the option to unsubscribe, which is why it’s best to include instructions on how to reply with an unsubscribe text such as ‘STOP.’

‘STOP’ is the most common unsubscribe facility and, to avoid confusion, is a word that everybody recognises.

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