Why SMS and email marketing go in hand in hand

We’ve previously identified how powerful SMS marketing can be; but have you considered how it could complement your other communication channels such as email? We’ve put together some pointers on why SMS and email marketing can help to engage your customers, by working together…

There’s no doubt that the importance of a multi-channel marketing approach in today’s mobile-dependent market is absolutely crucial, with more and more people turning to both SMS and email marketing as a means of growing, maintaining and engaging their target market.

SMS Marketing can grow your email subscriber list

SMS is great for building your email subscriber list, as you can send out a text to all of those who are currently subscribed to your email campaign. Simply send a promotional text message which lures the recipient into replying to the text message with their email address – this is extremely handy if you’re promoting a special discount of competition, as you can get the recipient to apply by signing up via email.

You could even send out a short snippet of information concerning a competition and direct them to your email campaign for more information.

With the right targeting, text messages can work really well to entice people towards opening your email and following through on your call to action.

SMS can update bounced emails

It’s extremely common for emails to ‘bounce’ when an email campaign is sent out – but what happens with these emails?

As opposed to deleting the customer completely from your database, try to contact them via SMS instead. Send them a simple message stating that you tried sending them an email – and describe the subject of the email – and that it bounced. Request their current email address so that you can re-send your original email message to their new/updated address.

Use SMS and email marketing together to communicate

Never assume that by picking up one marketing strategy that you’re going to abandon the other. The key is to use them together for the greater benefits of your overall marketing efforts.

Using both SMS and email together to engage your customers will ensure that your brand is always fresh on their minds. For example, if you are hosting an event then you could send out an email campaign as an initial event invitation. You could then send out a text message as a reminder, as the event draws closer.

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