Review your marketing tactics for 2013

As you make your New Year resolutions, now’s the time to consider your marketing efforts and how you will increase or modify them in the New Year. Are you seeking a new or improved marketing strategy? Are you receiving a good ROI each year? Have you considered digital advertising, along with your current marketing strategies?

Regardless of what type of marketing campaign you currently have in place, there’s always room for improvement. Whether you’re advertising solely offline or online or a mixture of the two, we bet there’s a fair few valuable strategies that you’ve missed out on.

We’ve listed a few things to keep in mind whilst you’re planning your 2013 marketing efforts.

Do you have sufficient data for your marketing campaigns?

If you’re a relatively new company or you haven’t been able to build your data list yet then it’s important that you try and build a list of subscribers who will be interested in your brand.

DigiMedia360 can provide targeted, accurate data lists to help you achieve your marketing goals and objectives, which include anything from names and emails to postal addresses and telephone numbers.

Are you keeping your target market interested?

If you’ve already built a large client base or a huge list of subscribers then make the most of this in the New Year.

Keep your brand fresh in their minds so that they’ll never forget who you are; you could send out regular email or text message marketing campaigns to keep them updated on particular services, products or promotions.

A great start would be to send out a text message or email campaign in the New Year, delivering your best wishes. Not only will this help to build relationships with your customers/clients, it will also build brand loyalty and help people recognise who you are.

Are you receiving enough traffic to your website?

Even if you have a fantastic website, it will seem completely pointless when no one can find it. If this is something you can relate to then search engine optimisation (SEO) is the answer for you. SEO is the process of improving the visibility of a website in search engines via natural results. By taking out various techniques, DigiMedia360 can help to optimize your website and generate the traffic your website deserves.

Are you combining your marketing efforts?

The key to a good marketing campaign is to combine your marketing efforts; don’t ditch email for SMS and don’t give up on your offline methods as soon as you concentrate on your online capabilities. Instead, figure out how each method can complement each other.

You could use QR codes on all of your offline media so that people can access a link to your website or a specific online destination with ease.

SMS and email marketing also go hand in hand; especially as SMS can help grow your subscriber list and can update those who’s emails have bounced.

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