About YOU!

Established in 2012, DigiMedia360 was formed to assist start-ups and small business to create a customer base and then retain these customers with ongoing repeat business from real time and highly targeted marketing campaigns using SMS, email and social media.

As technology has changed, DigiMedia360 has made sure that we’ve adapted the solutions we offer to meet the requirements from our clients and this in part is why we have never lost a client since Day 1; something we are unapologetically proud of.

At DigiMedia360, the needs of our clients come first – we want to hear about your business, about what you do and the processes in place; this allows us to introduce the correct strategies and solutions for you to achieve your goals, which usually always includes ‘enhancing the customer experience, increasing productivity and becoming more profitable as an organisation’.

If these sound like the type of goals that would make your life easier, get in touch here and let us know a little about you and your business, and we’ll come back to you with a proposed solution.