Bulk SMS

DigiMedia360 provide an industry leading platform that allows you to communicate instantly by sending a personalised text message to your entire database from the convenience of your PC, Laptop or Smartphone, no matter where you are in a matter of seconds!

97.5% of text messages are read within 5 seconds, making any marketing sent out via SMS highly convertible and important mass communication delivered effectively.

Exclusive to DigiMedia360 is MODA which can include limitless amounts of text, high quality pictures and video content to really bring your campaigns to life by adding an additional dimension to your marketing.

Some Stats…

  • Globally there are over 6 billion active mobile contracts
  • In 2011, 7 trillion texts messages were sent
  • 97% of customers prefer to purchase from a business who provides confirmations via text
  • As the lowest common denominator, SMS is accessible on nearly 100% of handsets
  • The average response rates to a text campaign is 30% (Direct Mail is 2.6%)

It is no wonder that mobile marketing via SMS has become the most popular form of business communication since the introduction of the FAX machine.

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