Proximity Marketing

Proximity or Bluetooth Marketing as it is commonly known provides businesses with the solution and the opportunity to utilise Bluetooth wireless connectivity.

Bluetooth delivers the relevant content to the relevant people in the relevant places, all the time. The benefits are immense and advertisers have the ability to deploy campaigns in a matter of minutes rather than days or weeks.

Forget flyers, posters and leaflets. Put your message in the palms of your customer’s hand, whilst they are nearby. Your company can be amongst the first to embrace this technology, and join giants like Land Rover, Pepsi and Nokia who have run successful campaigns.

Send pictures, audio and movie clips directly to your potential customers. Ringtones, mobile games, business cards….the list is endless. Our team will guide you and tailor a package to suit your business.

Just like all the products within DigiMedia360, these are designed to be used as market leaders with functionality and ease of use always at the front of our minds. Our simple but powerful software allows you to design adverts and marketing campaigns on your PC and upload them to our state of the art boxes for immediate broadcast. Don’t settle for generic limited software for your Bluetooth marketing, our program gives you full control of your campaigns. Our hardware boxes contain the highest specification available to provide reliability when you need it most.

Our Proximity Sales Team will be happy to give you examples of how the power of Bluetooth can start working for your business quickly and cost effectively.

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