QR Codes

Quick Release Codes provide an additional dimension to your marketing. These scattered barcodes have a multitude of uses and can be viewed by downloading an App (of which there are lots of free ones) and scanning the QR Code to view it contents.

A QR Code is simply a 2-D version of a website address, meaning that its versatility is infinite and could link back to Video clips, TV adverts, and websites. With DigiMedia360’s specialist services, it can even automatically populate a text message to be sent into your short code number allowing you to contact the potential client’s details prior to them viewing what’s behind the QR Code.


Mobile Web Pages

Mobile is being hailed as the new internet and with the imminent launch of 4G it is no wonder giants like Google and Apple are investing heavily!

Mobile Internet is a continually booming platform, with Google reporting a 400% increase in the number of searches being carried out on mobile devices, compared to this time last year. Over 50% of local searches are done on a mobile; 88% of these searches convert into a sale within 24 hours!

By creating a Mobile Optimised Website that is easy to navigate around on smaller screens will allow your business to stand out from the rest and convert more sales, leaving your competitors behind.

If you value your website, then a mobile optimised version is a must and will only prove a worthwhile investment to your continued success.